Welcome to Katie Colella Business mentor And VA.

If you have found your way to my site, then you are probably thinking about working with either a  business mentor or VA.

I work with female entrepreneurs who are feeling overwhelmed and with little or no direction.

I had my first business when I was 18 and have been in and out of self-employment ever since. 

I’m multi-award winning and just recently have hit the coveted No.1 Amazon Bestsellers list with a book I co-authored.

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Client Love- Honestly, I feel like I’ve got someone extra on ‘my side’ believing in me and that means a lot  x

Like to know some more about me?  You’ll find loads of info all across my site, but a good place to start is with My Story.

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Working with Katie on a 1:1 basis on her 3 months business mentoring programme has been the best start to my 2018.

If you need someone to be your cheerleader and sounding board then this is your girl!

Whilst with Katie, my mindset improved hugely, I was letting go of old habits and paths and replacing them with new positive habits and creating new paths in my entrepreneurial journey.

Even a Coach needs a Coach, and this is something that I truly believe in, having experienced it first hand now myself.

During my time working with Katie on one business, a second business I didn’t see coming took off.

Katie helped me through those initial set up stages and made me realise that I already had the skills required for the job, and the rest I would come to learn in time.

Working with Katie, enabled me to see where I had grown personally in terms of my confidence, my mindset, my knowledge and in my decision making.

I would often set myself huge goals and put myself under a tremendous amount of pressure to get things done, and as I started to grow in confidence and step into my own light, I was able to clearly see that my workload needed to match the time I had available in my life as a Mum in Business.

Thank you so much Katie.

I have enjoyed every single day of the last 3 months, not only did I have a Business Mentor, but I came away with a Friend in Business and I am so grateful for our relationship.

Clare Reynolds- Coach & VA

I’ve found Katie to be efficient and organised with some great ideas. She is always helpful and seems to enjoy her work. She is now part of my team, and I rely on her to do set tasks each month and the occsional ad-hoc task. Thank you