The Tactics You Need To Change To Make Your Brand Stand Out

This week’s blog post was written by guest poster Hannah Kennefick of Beautifully Forever WordPress.

Thanks to the internet its never been easier to move your business brand into the public eye.

Even better, if done with the right amount of finesse, you can practically market yourself for free, (give or take the occasional monthly subscription for content scheduling apps such as Buffer, Hootsuite or Facebook ads).

The world is literally accessible by the click of a button on our phones.  We can reach our target clientele/customers in a way that business generations of days gone by could have only dreamed of.

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We have the chance to put our businesses anywhere we want.. wherever we want.

Yet, so many of us find it hard to be seen amongst the masses of brands on the world wide web. Why is that?

Speaking from personal experience as a network marketer  I feel I have a fairly good indication of what’s going on and it isn’t pretty.

The majority of people working their business on the internet have no authenticity. None at all and as a result, they’ve faded into the background only to be seen now and again when customers type the brand name into the search bar as an afterthought to see if the company is still in business.

Because they don’t stand out from the rest of their business niche. They’ve blended into the crowd and that’s the worst thing that can happen within an industry that is only going to grow, no doubt by billions in the next few years.

What makes me think that?

People are finally finding ways to create a life and income on their own terms from the comfort of home. No long commuting, no more late days thanks to traffic jams, no official warnings for too many sick days. No sensations of feeling trapped within those four office walls. Freedom to work how and when we want is the fast approaching future. I’ve  seen people ” working” from their phones while enjoying a large glass of wine by the pool on holiday ( thanks to video calling technology).

Parents can now be with and work around their family commitments rather than move their children around work commitments.

Who in their right mind would not want that?

Although it’s certainly NOT the case for everyone before we jump on the latest ‘let’s bash Hanzi with angry comments’ bandwagon.

I’m speaking from personal experience. Lessons lived and learned. I’ve been there and done it.  I’ve won and dressed in my “most unauthentic brand t-shirt”  shorts and even the hat to hide my face under.

So please hear me out when I  say I come with love and good intentions. I’m here to help YOU by sharing my mistakes.

I’m going to come at this from a network marketing perspective because that’s where my experience lies. However, it’s a genuine rule of thumb whatever your industry.


Your business is new and exciting, you want to scream from the rooftops about it. You want to tell everyone you’ve ever met every  tiny little detail about what you represent and how your business is better than anyone else’s in your niche. I hear you, and you definitely should tell people about what you’re doing! Genuine excitement is contagious and addictive. Human beings are inquisitive by nature and let’s face it, we hate to be left out of the loop.

But here’s the thing…..there’s an incredibly fine line between getting people’s attention,  creating excitement and curiosity before you become a spamtastic robot!

You know what I mean right?

You’ve seen businesses pop up on your news feed, it is really intriguing, it draws you in, this might be something you want to know more about in the future. So you like the business/blog page with the intentions of going back to it later and browsing the content of the page. (I love looking at new pages).

However when you open up the social app later that day your newsfeed is absolutely FLOODED with post after post after post from the page you followed, you’re literally scrolling for thirty minutes trying to find other content. The same thing happens when you return later.

What do you end up doing? If you’re anything like me, I hit the unlike button. Seeing nothing but adverts begging me to buy products gets stagnant rather quickly and lets be honest it can be very annoying too!

Only from it happening to me did I quickly realise I was one of those people! I was a spammer!

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So if you’re going to post frequently on social media shake things up a little, add a pinch of spice, a spoonful of variety, a bucketful of fun!

Limit your advertising content to three/four posts a day, spread out at various times and share other people’s content in-between. Sharing is caring after all!

If you’re not sure when you should/shouldn’t post content,  I found the perfect social media posting guide here.


Putting your needs first

I’ve been there.  Boy have I been there, even if I don’t want to admit it, I was pretty self-serving when I first started networking. I just saw my own end game and the things I wanted. A new team member. X amount of sales.

When I first started my networking business I went maniacally through my entire Facebook and Instagram friends list, which thankfully at the time wasn’t any larger than ninety people per account. I messaged everyone.

Now, this isn’t a bad thing parse if you do it the correct way. Which is exactly what I didn’t do.

I attacked that list with gusto.  Over two hundred messages sent overall in a single day…. without landing in Facebook jail …Happy dance!

All I had to do now was just sit back and wait for my inbox to go crazy with all the sales I was going to be inundated with.

I could practically see the money signs dancing in my eyes. The clothes I was going to buy myself after I paid the bills with this outstanding amount of income I effortlessly created.  But I didn’t get any sales, I didn’t make a single sale, not a single one!


Well, again I was spamming people.

But the main reason was that everyone could see straight through my intentions.

Every single person who opened that message instantly recognised that the only reason I even bothered to message them was that I wanted something from them.

Nothing else. I wanted them to buy something from me and I wasn’t subtle about it.

I sent the exact SAME message over and over again and my intentions were easy to read.  I might as well have said, I don’t care what you buy, I just want you to give me your money to help my business succeed because that was what my message was saying to every person who read it. I don’t care about your needs, I don’t want to help solve any problems for you. I just want your money.

I was serving myself and that was selfish. So in the love of all things business brand related I beg of you, reach out to that friend list! But do so with the intention to help each person with their problems. That’s when they will come to you.

At least say hello and ask how the person is before you try to pitch a sale.

Which brings me to my next point…

Being impersonal in your brand

When doesn’t someone even make the effort to put a hello Hanzi how are you?  At the beginning of a message, I tend to skip past it and ignore.

If you’re not willing to take the time to even say hello before you tell me how fantastic your service is then I have reason to be drawn in, I want to buy from a human being who I can relate to, someone who will listen to my needs and be willing to work with me and find the best solution to my problem. Not just send a generic answer void of any human emotion.

I want to know that the products or services this person is extending to me are being recommended from a place of understanding. The human being behind the business is what draws people in, in order to do that you need to be willing to get personal and connect with people. Genuinely connect.

  • Write the person’s name
  • Say Hello, ask how they are
  • Create a human connection by being you.


There are many ways we can be authentic when creating our business brand. Nothing represents you or your business better than showing your true human self. Bring out your personality, be willing to be you, and connect with the people you reach out to, show them you care, that you genuinely want to help, be warm and welcoming and I guarantee that it won’t be long before your brand is standing tall amongst the  growing crowds


Love and Blessings to you

until next time



With thanks to this week’s blog post writer – Hannah Kennefick of Beautifully Forever WordPress. Hannah is in love with the vintage era fashion and slowly becoming beauty obsessed! She’s an accidental paleo diet loving plus sized women with a side of pagan spirituality! She is a professional network marketer and goal chasing mompreneur.

If you would like to add some tactics of maintaining true to your brand and growing your business with authenticity, please comment below.

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What could you do with an extra 10 hrs a week?

Possibly the most used phrases ever, 

“I don’t have time’,

‘ I’m too busy’

‘I didn’t get chance’

‘In a minute’

The list goes on, but let’s face it, most of us are rushed off our feet, trying to fit as much into our busy schedules as we can. We run businesses, manage our houses, look after children, constantly juggling a million and one things.

10 glorious hours a week

Have you ever stopped and thought what 10 hours a week would mean to you. 2 hours a day extra in your life. What would you do? What could you do? 40 glorious hours a month Mon-Fri for your business.

Would this free you up to contact more clients and receive more work?

Would this give you back the time that you so desperately crave? 

Would you spend it with your family? 

Would you use it to do that training course you’ve been putting off? 

There are so many ways that you could grow YOU and your business if you allowed yourself 10 extra hours a week.

Yes! I’d love an extra 10hours/week

Tell me how!

But, how would that work I hear you ask? I still have so many things I need to do, if I took 10 hours for the things I really want to do, then how would I fit it all in?

This is the reason I’ve introduced my VIP Package. It’s a package just for you, the lady who knows what they want and how they’d use those 10 extra hours a week. The lady that knows her worth and value and knows that in order to grow they need another pair of hands. This could be to do the tasks you don’t enjoy or the tasks that you aren’t great at, or it could be the tasks that simply take too long. I give you extra time and help take some of the stress away from you too.

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How can I help?

Would you love somebody to schedule all your social media for you? Or someone to help with your FB group? Someone to send regular emails to your clients or customers? Someone to reply to comments and messages on your social media channels, someone to upload those blog posts, someone to speak to your clients on your behalf. Whatever it is, that you’d like to not have to do, get in touch and let’s see if I can help.


The VIP package is for the lady who wants that little bit more- the 1:1 service, the instant messenger access and the knowledge that I’ll never work with more than 3 VIP clients at any time.

I need to be a VIP client!

Do you have a top service, package or product? Would you love to be able to sell more of those? How many extra sales do you think you could make with an extra 2 hours a day? 


I have the experience of having owned numerous businesses, so I understand the pressures that are on us, especially those we put on ourselves!

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If you value YOUR WORTH and would love to have me there to help you and your business grow, get in touch now and we’ll arrange a Skype or Zoom chat to see how I can help you!

I want to be a VIP!

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How to make your dreams a reality

We all have dreams and goals, but for many, they are something we sit on. Usually down to fear. Fear that we may fail, fear that ‘who am I’ to aim for a dream that big, fear that people will laugh….. and the list goes on.

BUT this dream no matter how big keeps on making an appearance in your brain, throughout the day, when you are lying in bed at night.

What if? What if, I just did it? What’s the absolute worst that can happen?

Maybe you don’t make any steps toward your dream as you just don’t know where to start.

Just Start

The most important step is actually starting. This is the biggest hurdle, many of us put off starting, blaming lack of time, lack of money, lack of support etc

However, let’s be honest we all have the same 24hours in a day- it’s how we use them that counts. I’m not denying that time is a huge issue- I’m a business owner, a wife, mum, stepmum, cleaner, cook, chief ironer… get the picture, so I do understand the time restraints on us all, but if we want to make a difference and start reaching that goal- then just start! If you take a step in the right direction every single day, then you are that much closer to reaching your dream.

Again, some dreams do require money- of course, they do. But don’t let that be the be all and end all of your dream.

Lack of support- surround yourself with like-minded people who WILL SUPPORT you, if you aren’t surrounded by supportive family & friends. Join some FB groups of like-minded ladies and find someone to have a chat with. I’m amazed at the connections & friendships I’ve built through FB – just by myself or someone else reaching out!

katie colella social, social media assistant, virtual assistant, business support specialist, dreams, goals, work hard

Actionable Tips


When you have your dream, but are not sure how to get there, start with some brainstorming. You can use a mind map- where you put your goal at the centre in a circle, the from that draw lines off the circle and write various categories or parts of your goal, breaking it down into smaller chunks. Continue doing this, then go to each of the smaller areas and break those down even more- expand on your thoughts and get more specific. You’d be surprised at how much you can really think of when you focus. The thoughts are all there, sometimes it just takes a little time and focused energy to draw them all out and get them on paper!

This is your starting point!

Step outside your comfort zone

Nothing great is ever achieved in your comfort zone. In order to grow, and reach our dreams & goals we need to really push ourselves and step outside our comfort zone.

Do something each day if you can that scares you am little. Doing this will push your boundaries, make you take action and give you an increased confidence.


Believe In you

Mindset is a truly powerful thing. Without an amazing mindset, how can we be expected to do great things. How can we expect others to believe in us if we don’t truly believe in ourselves?

Make time to work on your mindset daily to release your inner beliefs about yourself. There are many ways you can do this, but keeping at it will help stop you from giving up on your dreams.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

katie colella social, social media assistant, virtual assistant, business support specialist, dreams, goals, work hard



Know your end goal and what it is you really want. You have to be really clear on what it is you want and how you’ll get there. Of course, plans can change as life goes on and that’s fine, but just be clear on that end goal. Without that, you don’t know where you are going and It’s easy to fall off the road.




Goodness, it would be fantastic if our dream just one day fell into our lap, all singing and dancing wouldn’t it? But that’s not how it works. If you want that dream, you have to be prepared to work for it. Don’t bother starting if you aren’t prepared to work hard. Don’t compare yourselves to people who are at a different part of their journey- as let’s face it they could have been working their butts off for the 10years previously. Like I said at the beginning, make a point of working toward your goal every day to help get you closer to your dream.


I hope these couple of tips have helped you think about making your dreams a reality. I’d love to hear what steps you are taking to help you achieve your dreams.









Vulnerable Post- The Fear Is Real!

 The fear is real!


As entrepreneurs, we often feel overwhelmed and stressed at various parts of our journey and I want us to be assured that we all feel like this from time to time- you aren’t alone, being an entrepreneur is an emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs, but that is also part of what makes us successful!

fear, katie colella social, social media, virtual assistant, feeling fear, vulnerable post


I’m writing this blog post this week with a heart full of fear myself, so believe me when I say I know how you are feeling.


New ideal client

I have just signed with an ideal client. I’m over the moon, I really am ecstatic, but as excited as I am to get working with my ideal client, I’m battling with the fear creeping in- the fear that I could mess it all up, the fear that I won’t be enough, the fear of failure, the fear that if I do make a great impression, I won’t be able to maintain it, that I won’t be able to juggle all my clients and that I’ll drop the ball, the fear that I won’t know what to do, fear of self-sabotage, fear of being mediocre.

Sometimes I could scream at myself- FOR GODS SAKE GIRL- GET A GRIP!


Because, really, I know that this could be something big. I am in awe of this new client, I know I could learn so much from her and I know this is the client I’ve been waiting for. She is also so straight up it’s unreal, so if I do make a small mistake or I need to ask a question- really? Is anyone going to drop down dead? No. Is it life-threatening? No. Life moves on, so I really do need to stop the doubts creeping in and deal with this!


I started writing this blog post as a list of the top fears we all feel at times as an entrepreneur, but as I started writing, it turned into the fears that I’m feeling, so I decided to roll with it and show you the reality, this is so real.

I’ll write another post on the fears and how we can overcome them when I’ve learnt how next week!


Business Award

This is just one part of this week that is making me feel overwhelmed.

As well as signing an ideal client, I have also been nominated for a business award this weekend- amazing right? Yep, absolutely buzzing, BUT, again, what if I win? What if I don’t? What if the judges are sat there laughing at the nomination right now? What if nobody believes I’m good enough to even be nominated? What if my website isn’t good enough? 

The bloody fear kicks in from every angle. Again, I know this is completely normal and I need to believe that I am worthy of being nominated for this award- I worked hard to get to where I am- why shouldn’t I! It helps that I’ve got a wonderfully supportive colleague and friend that also believed in me, enough to nominate me (eternally thankful).

I’ve actually been lucky enough to be short-listed for a business award in my previous business too- and I felt the exact same then too- and I won! But, it doesn’t stop the exact same doubts sneaking into my head this time too!

fear, katie colella social, social media, virtual assistant, feeling fear, vulnerable post


Speaker Request

Then, I had a message from Jackie- who runs the South Wales Bizmums networking group, asking if I would be a guest speaker at an event this week. I hesitated before I replied, I then replied with ‘have you sorted it now?’. Part of me hoping that she said yes all sorted (relieving me of what I knew I really should say) and part of me knowing that I should step up and say ‘Hell Yes I’ll Do It’. The speaking space hadn’t been filled, so I typed as quick as I possibly could before I lost my courage and said yes, I’d do it! The topic is growth- and I know accepting this opportunity is huge personal growth for me.

This puts me so far out of my comfort zone, I can’t even tell you- but I also know and fully believe that the best things happen when you step outside of your comfort zone. The thought of speaking in two days time, fills me with dread, I feel sick, anxious and I’m hugely nervous, just typing this. BUT, again, what’s the worst that can happen. It’s a lovely, supportive ladies networking group that will encourage me not throw stones at me telling me how rubbish I am. And what if, just what if, just one person actually likes what I say, what if they believe what I’m telling them and they feel a little inspired by me and my story- then you know what- that’s perfect because I then know that it was worth it!

Get a FREE ‘Boss Lady’ print

So, there we go, a completely vulnerable post from me, speaking completely from the heart, about my own fears. I’ll let you know how I get on this week, with the challenges that I’m faced with and hopefully how I smashed through them!

Looking for a money course to smash through those money blocks? Take a look at the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp- click the picture below *

I’d love to hear how you smashed through some fears recently and how it made you feel when you had come through the other side! 

*contains affiliate link- but know I would NEVER recommend something that I don’t LOVE x



Stressed Out? 3 Strategies To Help You Manage.

This week is a guest post from Katie Evans owner at Pressing Escape.

Katie Evans is a Life and Career Coach, who can help you escape the rat race, navigate a new fulfilling career and improve your emotional and physical well-being.

She can teach you the skills and behaviour change techniques to empower you to take back control of your life for the long-term.

stress, female entrepreneur, katie colella social, VA, virtual assistant, social media assistant


Stressed Out? 3 Strategies To Help You Manage.

When was the last time you had one of those days when you felt out of control, pulse racing,

stress levels through the roof and deadlines looming? As entrepreneurs and small business

owners, we tend to experience these days more than most as we’re directly responsible for wins

and losses and care passionately. I’ve certainly had my fair share in the past!

While I can’t promise to remove all stress from your work day (sorry, that would be witchcraft) I

can share three strategies that will help you stay in control.

1. Start a Stress List

This is the first place to start as it arms you with the insights in order to take action. You can

think of a Stress List as essentially a mini journal. At the end of every work day, you take a few

minutes to reflect on the day you’ve just had and log any times when you felt under pressure.

This should be super quick and just take the form of bullet points. The key thing to remember is

to not only write down the stressful moments during the day but ask yourself ‘why’? What was

the trigger for you feeling this way? Once you’ve written your Stress List for two weeks, take a

look at your notes and you’ll start to see some patterns emerging in the triggers. Perhaps it’s

every day at 3 pm when you need to collect your kid from school or working on tasks that take

you out of your comfort zone.

Once you have these insights, you can then come up with some ideas for how you could

change your attitude or approach to crush this trigger in the future. Examples could be: delegate

less important tasks to free up your time, do some training to bolster your skills and confidence,

pick up the phone to improve communication. You’ll know best what is feasible for your situation

but either way, this approach is pretty empowering.

stress, female entrepreneur, katie colella social, VA, virtual assistant, social media assistant

2. Time blocking

This strategy ties into the first as one of the most common themes that arise from my clients’

Stress Lists is feeling overwhelmed by the items still on the to-do list at the end of the work day.

Most often, this is because of the wasted time being sucked into the vortex that is multi-tasking.

As much as 27% of your daily productivity is currently lost due to multi-tasking. If you’re thinking

right now, “nope, not me, I’ve got it down then imagine this scenario: you’re halfway through

writing a blog post, stop to check a social media notification and then before you can get back

to your blog post, you have to re-read everything you’ve written from the top to regather your

train of thought. Add that up over the course of the day and there’s your 27%.

So, try this practice. Decide at the start of each week, what is your most important goal to

accomplish. Be strict, only one. Then schedule out an hour each day to work on achieving this

goal. Set a calendar reminder or phone reminder so you don’t forget. Once this time comes

around, commit to working without distraction: turn off email, put your phone on aeroplane mode,

remove yourself from co-workers and office pals. Spend this time working solely on your goal

and then whatever else happens that day, you can be sure that you’re on track to achieving

your priority. Celebrate that and give yourself a break about the rest – you can only do so much.

top 3 tips for less stress in your life! Click To Tweet

stress, female entrepreneur, katie colella social, VA, virtual assistant, social media assistant

3. Start a self-care practice

Okay so you’re probably thinking *snore.* I’ve heard this a thousand times; You already know

about the benefits of meditation or exercise for stress. If you don’t have a regular practice then I

expect the reason is that you have no time. it’s a vicious circle, you have no time for self-care so

you feel increasingly overwhelmed and less and less likely to take time for yourself.

This is the trick. Committing to a ‘tiny’ self-care habit instead. Something that only takes one

minute max, to begin with. By making the commitment something so small, you’re far more likely

to stick to it and keep it going for 60 days (the time it takes to form a new habit.) Examples could

be using a meditation phone app for one minute each day, deep breathing for one minute or one

Yoga sun salute. If you decide you want to extend the practice for a few more minutes then

great, but the commitment is only one minute.

The second tactic you can use to help this become part of your routine is to attach this one

minute practice to something you already do every day. For example, getting in your car to drive

to your office, having a cup of coffee, brushing your teeth in the morning. Before you do this

activity, first complete your one minute practice. The association will help this stick.


Thank you to Katie Evans from Pressing Escape for this blog post. Katie offers a free Wellness Audit over on her website. 

If you have any other tips that can help with your stress levels, please let us know below.

Thank you x

Instagram Update- Face Filters

Instagram continue their snapchat onslaught with the addition of face filters

instagram, ig, insta, snapchat, katie colella social, social media assistant, virtual assistant, instagram features, ig update


Over the past few months, we have seen loads of new features being added to Instagram, many of which have a certain similarity to Snapchat.

Many people had predicted this latest addition, and yesterday it came- IG launched face filters to IG stories- very like those we love on Snapchat.


You can currently choose from eight live filters with the same features that Snapchat offer- such as twitching ears and noses. Here are the list of the current filters

  • Golden crown
  • Koala bear
  • Nerd
  • Bunny
  • Pink butterfly crown
  • Ice Queen
  • Diva
  • The ‘magic touch’ filter that makes you look like a better you!

Please note these are my opinion on the names of the filters- not official names

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How can I access these IG Story face filters?

ig, insta, instagram, face filters, snapchat, ig filters, snapchat filters, katie colella social

Go to your story by clicking the camera icon in the top right hand corner of the home page

There is now a new face icon In the bottom right hand corner- click on that

This will bring up the selection of filters for you to choose from.

You can then add geo-location tags and write anything you like on the photo too.

You have the choice to save the photo- send to friends or add to your story.

They also work with the Boomerang video clips

They work on both back and forward facing cameras.

So far, I’d say they seem like a simlar version of the Snapchat filters- they don’t distort your face as much as some of the Snapchat- but these are the first few, so who knows what future launches will bring. IG have said they’d like these filters to be less wacky so they appear to a wider audience and not just the teenage group.

ig, instagram, insta, snapchat, ig features, face filters, instagram filters, snapchat filters, katie colella social

You’re going to have to excuse the wet hair on these pics- I got drenched on the school run (oh, the glamour!).


IG Rewind Mode

This new update also released the new rewind feature. This basically allows you to create clips, which you can then play backwards as a special effect.

There is a new hashtag sticker feature – much like the location stickers, allowing your viewers to click and go to all related content for that #. They can be added as text. 


IG Eraser Feature

Another part of this update is the eraser feature allowing you to erase anything you may have drawn. A great way to use this is to cover your image with one block colour and erase parts of it with the eraser to reveal the picture below.

ig, instagram, insta, snapchat, ig features, face filters, instagram filters, snapchat filters, katie colella socialig, instagram, insta, snapchat, ig features, face filters, instagram filters, snapchat filters, katie colella socialig, instagram, insta, snapchat, ig features, face filters, instagram filters, snapchat filters, katie colella social

  • Take a photo
  • Choose a colour
  • Hold your finger on the photo to make the whole screen your selected colour
  • Then use the eraser feature to erase parts of the colour as shown

The features are currently available in IG 10.21 for both Android and iOS.


Are you a Snapchat user? Will this current update stop you from using Snapchat? Personally, I only ever used SnapChat for the filters and I’m a bigger fan of Instagram overall, so I think my use of Snapchat will decrease and I can see a lot of people doing the same thing. Insta will only continue to add to their filters and improve on them.



Make Those Goals Happen- Manifesting Tips

Manifesting- What is it?

Manifesting is intentionally creating what you want. This works through the Law Of Attraction. I won’t go into this too much today (I’ll do another post about that), but wanted to give you a few tips to get you started on manifesting the life you deserve!

manifesting, katie colella social, social media, virtual assistant, goals, visualisation, visualization, manifest, goal boards, vision boards, affirmations


Goals- write them down

We all read about the importance of setting goals for ourselves in business all the time, but do you really spend the time sitting down, getting focused and deciding what your goals are going to be for the day/week/month/year? REALLY? I know, previously I have ‘played’ at it. I’ll write something out, but I don’t tend to look at them again and they go into a forgotten land. This is how not to do it. I’m now making so much more effort with actually writing them frequently and looking at them as often as I can- so they are imprinted on my mind. I take daily steps toward my goals, so I know I am on the road to achieving them. So I’m planning the goals and working toward them. Setting them isn’t enough alone, but it’s a great first step!

I’m now making so much more effort with actually writing them frequently and looking at them as often as I can- so they are imprinted on my mind. I take daily steps toward my goals, so I know I am on the road to achieving them. So I’m planning the goals and working toward them. Setting them isn’t enough alone, but it’s a great first step!


Vision Boards

Another easy to do task that is fun and can make a difference to your mindset, having your goals visually for you to see as often as you can. This can be a physical memo board with pictures and quotes on, based on your visions and goals for the future. It can be a screensaver on your laptop, desktop or phone, or all 3. I have mine on my desktop, so I see it literally 10’s of times a day.

These can be created easily in Canva or something similar. Just set the size of your graphic to your screensize and add any pictures that represent what you want. These don’t have to be the actual thing that you are trying to achieve but must represent the feeling you associate with that goal.

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Pinterest Goals Board

This is probably the easiest way to create a vision board. If you haven’t discovered Pinterest- you need to- set up an account here. It’s completely free and is a great way to save a secret board or a public board- completely up to you. You can have one big goals board or smaller ones for certain areas of your life. I love my Pinterest board and often add extra pictures or quotes to it, that represent my goals.

Want to join my Pinterest group board?


Keep inspiring quotes and affirmations around you, to help you believe that you really can achieve whatever you like and that you are truly fantastic.

I’ve created a set of 12 FREE affirmation cards for you to download here, print them off and keep them around you to help keep you inspired and focused on your goals.

  manifesting, katie colella social, social media, virtual assistant, goals, visualisation, visualization, manifest, goal boards, vision boards, affirmations

Phone Reminders

This is something that I read in the lovely Denise Duffield-Thomas’ book recently.To see your visions and goals laid out as many times and in as many ways as possible, helps you believe they are true. So as well as the vision boards, set yourself a daily reminder. This could be ‘Yay- I’ve hit £4k this month’ or ‘You have 10 new clients this month’ or whatever one of your main goals is. Start to believe it and believe that you are worthy of hitting those goals!

Denise has a fantastic 5-day manifesting challenge – let me know if you decide to give it a go!

Or click the picture below to take a look at her Manifesting course!



I’ve heard this a few times, but never got around to doing it, but it’s a simple easy thing to try that can only bring positivity! Set your password to something that is related to your goals. This could be sixfigures, sevenfigures, tenclients, firstclass or a word that explains how you’ll feel when you have reached your goals such as ‘ecstatic’ or ‘proud’. These all help to reinforce those feelings that we’ll feel when we reach those goals. We use passwords numerous times a day, so this is a powerful reinforcement! I’ve just started to do this.



Visualising is when you literally spend time visualising something that you want to happen. This could be hitting those goals- so hitting a financial target, signing another 3 clients, getting that big contract, writing a book, flying first class, whatever it is you’d like to happen. You visualise something in your mind as though you have already done it and you visualise yourself as having achieved that goal and the way you feel when that happens. Again, there is so much more I could go into about this, but this is just a quick overview. There are some great guided visualisations to help you get you started on YouTube.

Again, there is so much more I could go into about this, but this is just a quick overview. There are some great guided visualisations to help you get you started on YouTube.

 manifesting, katie colella social, social media, virtual assistant, goals, visualisation, visualization, manifest, goal boards, vision boards, affirmations


My Personal Manifesting Story

So, I’m a very practical person, I like to have a reason for things and haven’t previously believed that we are able to ‘manifest’ things into our life or make things happen, simply by believing they can.


However, the past few months, I’ve started to have a shift on my beliefs and what maybe can be achieved. I read Gabby Bernstein’s “the Universe has your back’ which I enjoyed and was the first time I opened my mind to the whole idea that we can manifest things into our life. I have also just finished Denise Duffield-Thomas’ book- Get Rich, Lucky Bitch as I said, and I absolutely loved it. So easy to read and written in a way that I could get my head around. I’d thoroughly recommend it!

manifesting, katie colella social, social media, virtual assistant, goals, visualisation, visualization, manifest, goal boards, vision boards, affirmations


So, these past few weeks I’ve decided to make manifesting and visualising part of my daily goals. At first, to be honest I felt really silly. I’m naturally a positive person (most of the time) and I’m a happy, motivated person and in all honesty, this pushed my out of my comfort zone a little.

Firstly I closed my eyes and as instructed in a great video via the Female entrepreneur Association with Carrie Green (I’m a member, which gives you extra resources) and Susan Ferraro I asked the universe for a sign. I was instructed to listen to the first thing that popped into my head. So, I closed my eyes and whilst most people get a pretty butterfly or white feather- I thought of a beetle- yes the grubby little insect!

Over the next few days, I noticed a fair few signs that this could actually work. I kept seeing ‘Beetles’ – the car, but that wasn’t quite good enough for me……then I seen someone on FB write something about The Beatles (band), but she had misspelled it as Beetles- the word literally jumped off the page at me, then my daughter came home from school and said she had done a test in school and part of it was about beetles. So going from thinking how on earth am I going to come across a beetle – I found that I was presented with beetles in various ways. This could be a complete coincidence, but I liked it! It made me think, how cool, I’m going to keep doing this.

So going from thinking how on earth am I going to come across a beetle – I found that I was presented with beetles in various ways. This could be a complete coincidence, but I liked it! It made me think, how cool, I’m going to keep doing this.


I’ve now been making a real effort to visualise daily and make a conscious effort to use some of the tips above, to really believe that I can reach my goals. What’s the worse that can happen? It’ll only make me feel more positive in the long run, so I’m happy to give it a go.

Now, I’ve set a certain money monthly target that I’d like to hit this month, and also the number of clients or work, I’d like to have by the end of this month and this is what I’ve been visualising daily.


On Saturday, I received 2 payments from old invoices that were overdue. I also received a refund from Fiverr for something that I’d paid for and hadn’t been delivered. I’d been waiting for these to be paid for some time. On Sunday, I had a real de-clutter, something that you are advised to do by Denise in her book. I thought- at least my house will be tidier!

Then, as I’m writing this, a client that I’ve worked with in the past and had wanted to work with me again- but who I hadn’t heard from in weeks, out of the blue, messaged me and said, can I pay the invoice now and get started.

Um, hello, if this is what comes from visualising daily, then I’m all in. These are very early days for me, but I’m happy to keep going on this journey and report back what my experiences are.

I’d love for any of you guys to share your success stories with me, either comment below or message me if you’d like to guest post for me and share your successes!

And please let me know if you decide to take part in the 5 day manifesting challenge with Denise Duffield Thomas- I’d love to hear your goals! * please note contains affiliate links- but know that I’d never recommend something I don’t love x

* please note contains affiliate links- but know that I’d never recommend something I don’t love x

Grab your free affirmation cards




How to Know if You’re Ready to Outsource

Guest Post

Hey, I’m Jenn from Unit 25 Creative + Consulting. If you’re a fellow business owner, you know how quickly time can get away from you. Sometimes you just need another pair of hands! It can be scary to think about outsourcing, but I want to help you overcome your obstacles and see how outsourcing can benefit you and help you grow your business.

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, denoted by *


You may be asking: “How can outsourcing help me? I’m on top of all of my business tasks, and I never feel like I don’t have enough time to do everything.” Oh, wait, that’s not you? It’s okay: it’s not me either. If you’re thinking about outsourcing, you’re probably looking for one (or more) of these three things: Time, Flexibility, and Support.


On of the biggest benefits of outsourcing is that it can free up your time. By giving someone else the tasks that take you more time than they’re worth or that you just drag your feet over, you instantly have more time. You can invest that time back into income-producing business activities, your family, skydiving, or whatever else your heart desires!


Having someone else involved in your business also gives you the flexibility to know that your business is in good hands if you take time off, as well as a support net. If you’ve struggled with trying to take time off from your business or going it alone, this aspect of outsourcing can be worth its weight in gold!

Preparing to Outsource

Okay, so you know that you want to outsource. But where in the world do you start?!

The first thing you should do is ensure that your systems and processes are in place. After all, if you don’t know HOW you do what you do, will you be able to explain it coherently to a new hire? Short answer: No.


To document your processes, start by keeping a running list of everything you do throughout a given day, or at least the aspects that you want to outsource. Start fleshing out that list by detailing what steps go into each process.


For example, if you’re documenting your Tailwind process, it might go something like this:

  • Log into Tailwind* and check overall stats
  • Check Tribes* for new content
  • Skip or share content as appropriate
  • Check other Tailwind stats
  • Wrap up with Domain stats and add one domain Pin to Tribes

That’s a relatively simplified process, but you get the idea. You can always expand on your steps further in the future, but get the general gist of it down now. This will give you something to provide your new hire with when you begin the training process and will make it SO much easier on both of you!


The other thing you will want to do is create brand guidelines, especially if you’re hiring someone for social media or anything else that will need to be branded. Your brand guidelines should include your colour palette, fonts, brand voice/style, etc. This will help your new hire maintain your cohesive brand face and cut down on miscommunications about these items.

Where to Start Your Outsourcing Search

Once you have your systems/processes and brand guidelines in place, you’re ready to go! These documents should give you a solid foundation to train your new hire on. So where do you start?

katie colella social, virtual assistant, virtual assistance, social media assistant, social media, outsource, outsourcing, guest blog,


First, ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues. Even if they’re in a different field than you, they may have worked with a fantastic freelancer in the past who they would love to tell you about. Word of mouth is the best marketing, and it gives you a positive review before you even speak with the person!


If no one you know has any recommendations, you can start searching online (or ask us over at Unit 25 Creative + Consulting!). Katie is also a great option for social media and virtual assistance, though I’m sure you already know that!


Regardless of where you find potential candidates, make sure that you are clear about what you’re looking for. For example, if you need someone in a certain time zone, tell them up front! There are few things more frustrating than going through the entire process with someone, deciding that they’re the perfect fit… and then realising that there’s a small detail that makes them ineligible.


Side note: Don’t go with the cheapest option just because they’re the cheapest!! I cannot stress this enough. At Unit 25, I hear from entrepreneurs who have done this and regretted it. It can not only waste your time, but it can negatively impact your business. Sometimes the cheapest option can be the best one, but not if that is their only qualification.


If you don’t feel like you can afford the right person to outsource to just yet, make sure to check out the free Outsourcing for Success Bootcamp, which will give you additional in-depth resources and tips for outsourcing on a tight or non-existent budget.

What to Look for in a Potential Outsourcing Candidate

While you’re searching for your new hire, keep an eye out for these three traits:

  • Organization:

If a candidate isn’t organised before they work for you, chances are that they won’t be while working for you either. Ask them questions about their existing systems and processes, both for the task they will be performing for you and for their CRM (how they’ll invoice you, track their time, etc.). If they aren’t able to answer satisfactorily, they may not be the right fit.

  • Proficiency:

Do they know what they’re talking about? If a social media manager can’t answer basic questions about how they create a social media plan, schedule posts, or simple things like that, then move on.

  • Results:

Can they show you the results they have achieved for other clients? Sometimes you may run across someone bound by confidentiality agreements with larger companies that they work with (I’ve had to deal with this myself for my team’s social media manager), but they should still be able to explain the steps they took to achieve the desired results.

Don’t forget that if you need social media or virtual assistance, Katie is your gal!If you’re looking for branding, content, marketing, or support services, I would love to chat with you about how Unit 25 Creative + Consulting’s team can achieve the results you want. And if you want to get more in-depth resources to help you overcome the obstacles of outsourcing despite a tight budget, control issues, or lack of established systems, make sure to grab the FREE 5-day Outsourcing for Success Bootcamp!


About the Author:

Jenn is the owner and project manager at Unit 25 Creative + Consulting. She and her team provide branding, content, marketing, and support services for entrepreneurs. Jenn has always been that person who sees the path others can take to turn their passions and skills into a living that they enjoy, even when she was a kid! Her goal is to empower her clients and other business owners to do more of what they love in business AND life by providing the support and solutions needed to grow and succeed in their goals. If you’d like to learn more or just have a virtual coffee chat, schedule a Discovery Meeting or Coffee Chat today!





I hope you enjoyed our guest blogger this week. If you have any more tips for knowing when you are ready to outsource, pop them below! If you know you need a helping hand- then get in touch and let’s see how we can help you grow your business and free up some of your time.

The Importance Of Branding For Your Business

Guest post by the amazing graphic designer and branding queen Gillian Sarah, scroll to the bottom to hear more about Gillian.
brands, branding, business, katie colella social, virtual assistant, social media assistant, social media, goals, uk business, branded business

One of the most common misconceptions people have is that a brand is simply your logo, tagline, or website in general. However, a brand is much more than this. Branding involves your logo, your website, every aspect of a customer’s experience, staff uniforms, social media posts, and marketing. Ultimately, it refers to the perception that people have about you.

Despite the fact that having a great logo design can catch your visitor’s attention, a brand is not just your logo.

A good brand isn’t defined overnight. It takes time to build it since it involves a lot of planning and development.

Here are the top 8 reasons why you should consider developing your brand:

#1: Recognition:

People are emotional. So, they are more likely to do business with a company that they are familiar with than with one they never even heard about. If you manage to make your brand easy to recognize and consistent, it will help people feel more comfortable doing business with you.

#2: Setting You Apart From Competition:

The business world is more competitive than ever. So, in order for your business to succeed, you need to have an edge that will make people buy from you and not from the local store next to you or from the big worldwide company.

#3: Generating Referrals:

One of the things people like to do is to tell others about the brands they like. So, you really need to create a strong brand or most probably people won’t even remember you.

brands, branding, business, katie colella social, virtual assistant, social media assistant, social media, goals, uk business, branded business

#4: Helping Customers Know What To Expect:

When you have a consistent brand, your customers know exactly what they are getting. And this is why they keep coming back.

#5: Representing You And Your Promise To Your Customers:

When we are talking about creating and developing your brand, you need to be aware that the brand is also you, it’s also your staff, or your materials, or your uniforms. The most important thing is that they are all tied in with the brand itself.

#6: Creating Clarity And Staying Focused:

One of the benefits of having a consistent brand is that your staff always know what they need to do, how to do it, and how to make sure the company reaches its goals. So, having a clear brand allows everyone involved in the company to be aware of its mission and vision, and comply with them.

#7: Connecting Emotionally With Your Customers:

When someone decides they want to do business with you, it means that they are trusting you. Ultimately, purchasing is an emotional experience. And when you have a strong and consistent brand, people will stay emotionally attached to you.

brands, branding, business, katie colella social, virtual assistant, social media assistant, social media, goals, uk business, branded business

#8: Providing Your Business Value:

Just think for a second about the brands that you like and purchase. Some might include Coca-Cola, Apple, MacDonald’s, among others). Do you really think these companies are only worth their factories, their equipment, their products, their warehouses? No, they are worth a lot more than just their physical assets. They managed to create a brand whose value exceeds all their physical assets.

Big thank you to Gillian Sarah.

About Gillian:

My job is to work alongside you to create mind-blowing logos, brandings, booklets and website designs. I live, breathe and do all things graphic design and branding. I am driven by the aim to help clients create messages that bring unique visibility and distinction to their brands and companies. Find out more here

I have a FREE Instagram branding worksheet available here if you’d like to work on your IG account.

If you have any further points, please comment below!

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Hi ladies,

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