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I’m a serial entrepreneur.

I started my first business at 18 and have run a fair few since then.

This means I’ve learned a thing or two about running businesses along the way.

If you need some kick-ass encouragement or some ideas of where you could improve and grow your business, then let’s talk.


Hi, Katie just wanted to say on reflection of this mornings call a massive thank you. You really helped me see what I need to do and can do. I’d love to work with you as my mentor. You inspired me on the call this morning so I think you would be really great for me.  Jo- VA

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What businesses have I owned?

My first business was a sandwich bar, catering business and delivery round.

I started this aged 18 and sold for a profit 3 years later.

Next, I owned a guest house and catering business with my husband for 5 years.

During this time I also started a few small online businesses, selling various products online. My favourite was one Christmas importing 500 LED light up colour changing clocks from China. They sold like hotcakes and we had a houseful of clocks!

After the guesthouse had sold, I started an online gift & homeware company. I started from scratch from my kitchen table, with a box of stock in a wardrobe in my children’s bedroom, working a few hours a day, around my young children.

I built this business completely organically from a £500 investment of stock. I worked hard and built a website and started social media channels. I built a Facebook page of 144k followers and an Instagram channel with 21.5k followers, as well as an interactive YouTube channel, where I did at least 2 videos a month.

I started a box subscription service- reaching nearly 500 boxes/month.

I took on staff, moved to larger premises, (3 times!) went on a business trip to China to discuss importing direct, had a ‘Chinese office’ where they dealt with the Chinese manufacturers and grew a multi 6-figure business.

After 4 years, something changed in me and I decided to sell up and left with a healthy profit.

Since then, I’ve started a new business. I help other female entrepreneurs improve their online presence and help them find a way to make their business work for them.

All of this is done working around my children. I have two young children, three older step-children and just the one husband!

I take my children to school every day and pick them up from school every day. I never miss a school concert or assembly and am here for them every day. To me, this is part of my definition of ‘success’. I have amazing clients, work the hours that suit me doing work I love around our family and get to work from my home office- or anywhere else I fancy. In 2017 I  travelled 6 times and still managed to keep clients and sign amazing new ideal clients. I have a better work/home life balance than I’ve ever had, doing work I adore, helping and working with kick-ass women every day. I don’t feel stressed like I have done previously, am working on my passive income streams and am well on my way to hitting better financial goals than I ever have before.

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Anything else?

I’m a multi-award winning business woman! Yep, true!

I won a ‘Boost’ award at the 2015 Mumpreneur Business Awards.

In 2017 I won 3 online awards- the Jaqueline Gold Wow award, the Bright Pig Business Of The Week award and the Queen Of Social Media Focus award.

In 2014 I decided to go to university and got awarded a Merit in a ‘Foundation Degree in Social Media’.

I’m also currently studying for an NLP coaching certification.

I love learning and you’ll often catch me having bought a new course- learning new skills or with my head in a personal development book.

Talking of which in December 2017, I became a No.1 Amazon Best-Selling Co-Author. You can check out the book I co-author  here >>>

I have also had a few articls published in Thrive Global recently, as well as being featured on a few blog posts, an online publication, a local magazine and a podcast!


“An investment in YOU is an investment that has no risk and a great rate of return.”


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Law Of Attraction

Are you a LOA bunny or is the whole concept a little foreign to you?

2 years or so ago, I would have found the whole LOA scene a little too wishy-washy as I thought I was far too practical to believe in anything like that. Since then, I have opened my mind to a lot and spent a lot of time reading about Law Of Attraction and expanding my beliefs. I now practice daily rituals, surround myself with affirmations, positive beliefs, journal regularly, visualise daily and practice daily gratitude. This has made my world a more positive, enjoyable place.

I’m a firm believer in the power of mindset and if you need a little help with the concept of LOA, I’m here to help.

Is this package for YOU?

Are you a female entrepreneur? Or maybe just starting out in the world of entrepreneurialism?

Are you feeling overwhelmed at all the tasks you have to do and all the things you have to juggle?

The business, the children, the house?

Yes, I’ve been there and done that and got way more than the t-shirt.

I can help you become more streamlined in what you need to do in order to grow.

The strategy. Where you should be spending your time, avoiding the all too familiar burnout.

Being self-employed is a lonely place and you can easily become overwhelmed, stressed and feel fear of failing without the support around you that you need. I’ll be your personal cheerleader.

Top performing athletes have a large team around them, yet in the world of business, many of us try to go it alone. Try to do too much by ourselves without getting the support we need. Believe me, when I say this is a hard thing to try and do by yourself. I have spent more days and nights than I care to remember lying awake wondering where the next customer or client was coming from. Where I was going to find them and how I was going to pay the bills.

” I love that I got in touch with you during that challenge and literally stumbled upon you!
I just absolutely resonate with you so much. What you do, offer and stand for in your business and I seriously couldn’t have made a better choice to have you mentor me!
I know I’ve said it many a time but roll on January!
One happy client here.”  Clare 

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1:1 Mentoring

Check out my video as i explain how the mentoring works!

Thank you, Katie! I really appreciate you taking the time to speak to me, it was really helpful – thank you. I will work on me!  As hard as I find that I really will and I’ll start promoting my new business and doing all the things you suggest. Thank you so much.  I really appreciate all you’ve done for me! Just that one call has motivated me! Thank you x Jo Jenkinson (VA)

What will YOU get from this package?

There are many amazing business coaches out there and I am hugely interested in the world of coaching, and currently studying for my NLP certification. However, I wanted to be a little different. I wanted to be able to give you help and guidance from a business person’s perspective. I wanted to be able to advise and brainstorm with you, coming up with ideas and next steps together. This is what I sometimes felt I was missing- somebody to help give my ideas more meat, the person to say ‘that’s great, now here’s what action you need to take’. You’ll come away feeling like you’ve got a business bestie, someone that understands you and the journey you are on. You’ll feel more pumped and have more clarity than before. You’ll know what steps feel good to you and where you are heading! I’ll offer my opinion and advice based on what I know works. But it will be you that makes the amazing happen. I’m just a catalyst in your journey.

If you are that woman doing it all (ya-ha!), juggling the kids, home, and the business and feeling like you are paddling upstream, the woman who is tired and drained of not getting to where she wants to be fast enough, the woman who craves a little more time and a little less stress, let’s talk.

This list is here to give you an idea of what you may get from working with me. It’s not exhaustive and it’s not there to give you a checklist of things we’ll cover but to give you an idea of what to expect. Each client that comes my way differs and that’s absolutely fine, I’m happy to cater to what you are looking for from a mentor too.

-Mindset hacks & ongoing mindset work

-Goal Planning & updates

-Clarity on who you are, what you offer, what your business is, who your ideal client is, what problem you solve…..

-Accountability- I’ll be on at you to check you are doing what we agreed to get done, helping you get closer to your goals

-Ideas for business growth- pick my brain! I’ve run local, product and service-based businesses.

-Social Media Feedback- you’ll get my honest feedback on what you are currently doing and we can brainstorm what to do next

-Online presence feedback- are you showing up consistently? You now have your own personal stalker!

-Workbooks to help your journey growth- I’m a fan of good old paper and pen to get clarity and plans in your business.

-A chance to brainstorm and ask questions with someone who has been where you are now- yep, that’s me!

-Recommendations for specialist website designers, branding specialists, accountants etc

-Access to high vibe FB group

-Facebook Live tricks and tips to get you going live & connecting with your ideal client

-Homework – tasks that you need to complete- getting you a step closer to where you need to be

-Advice on many areas that are paramount for your business growth- websites, social media, payment tools, email marketing tools, sales funnels and tonnes of other areas!

-Advice on which software/systems/apps to use

-Access to all resources and training that I’ve created or those other experts have created for me

-Workshops/Tutorials/Lives on various topics

-Advice on selling product/services

-Advice on entering & winning awards- online & offline

-Advice on creating gorgeous graphics for your website and social media channels

-Messenger access and guidance between calls if required

-Investments in me passed to you. As I invest more in myself, I will pass what I have learnt to you.

Some of the Apps, Systems and Tools I use regularly and can teach you how to use

Canva, WordPress, Asana, BoardBooster, Wordswag, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tailwind, Buffer, Mailchimp, Leadpages, Trello, Squarespace, Google Apps, Later, Hootsuite, Active Campaign, Google documents, Dropbox, Loom, Zoom, 10to8 and I’m sure loads more I’ve forgotten about!

“I so appreciate all the work you’ve done for me!! You have helped me tremendously and gotten me out from feeling overwhelmed.
and I love all that you’ve created for me xoxo  🙂 🙂 🙂
You’re amazing!!!!”
– Margot


Business Mentor Package:


1 Month

3x  60 minute intensive 1:1 online calls + messenger access and accountability for the whole time


Or take a look at my 12-month group program 

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Starting your VA Business Course?


3 Months

4 x 60 minute intensive 1:1 online calls/mth + messenger access and accountability for the whole time


6 Months

4 x 60 minute intensive 1:1 online calls/mth + messenger access and accountability for the whole time

PLUS a VIP 1:1 spa day at Celtic Manor 5 star Hotel, Newport including lunch.

£2999 for the 6-month package.

6 Months VIP

4 x 60 minute intensive 1:1 online calls/mth

and a VIP 1:1 spa day at Celtic Manor 5 star Hotel, Newport including lunch.


A headshot mini-shoot by an amazing photographer (South Wales based, can travel for an additional fee)

A basic accounting package for 6 months (Can be done virtually. Basic means no payroll and no VAT, based on small business, but can be upgraded for a fee )

10hours a month of Virtual Assistance (60hrs total).

£5550 for the 6-month package. Can be paid in 2 instalments.

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