Beginner Facebook Tips For Your Business

Every business needs to be on Facebook. If you haven’t set up your business page as yet, then these few basic tips will give you a start. If you’d prefer me to do this for you, get in touch.


  1. Set up a Business Page

This seems extremely obvious. But I mean a Facebook business page.

But I see so many people that simply change their personal FB page to their business name or set up a new personal profile as their business page. This doesn’t work. You need an actual business page. Here is a great article telling you how to set up a business page in Facebook.


  1. Add a profile picture and fill in the about me section.

Again you must add a profile picture or logo to your business page. People buy from people, so many experts often recommend using a photo of you, if you are selling a service. If you are selling a product, I prefer a logo. Make sure you also add a good image to the banner area.  The profile description allows you an area to sell yourself and tell your clients & customers what you are all about.  Don’t forget to add your contact information.


  1. Be consistent.

This is probably the main thing that many businesses don’t do when starting on Social Media. They post once or post for a week, then stop. They may start again, but it’s sporadic and not consistent. Your audience- (even if you feel like you are talking to yourself at first) want to see updates from you!


Always a topic of controversy – is how often you should post. Some experts say just once per day, others say 10 or more a day. Personally, I think you need to experiment with what feels right for you. I’d suggest starting at, at least 3 times a day. It depends on when your target audience are online, the type of business you have and the content you are using.


  1. Curate & Create Content

Don’t just consistently post sales pitch after sales pitch. Mix up your content. Share relevant information from other places and engage your audience. What does your audience want to see? Have some fun with social media, and make it interesting. Video reaches the largest audience, so try to incorporate video into your social media strategy. Followed by pictures. Lots of them. If you have a product to sell, show pictures of the item, if you have a restaurant, let’s see the food, customers and the restaurant.



  1. Facebook Ads

The days where pages used to organically reach a good percentage of your following, are unfortunately long gone. Most page owners will now agree that to reach your audience you do need to spend some money on Facebook ads. This doesn’t have to be a huge amount, but every business has an advertising budget and Facebook is a good place to start. You can target who sees your ad based on many different demographics- like age, gender, location and with more knowledge, lots of other targeting options too.



I hope these few tips have given you a small insight into the wonderful world of Facebook for business. There is a lot more to making Facebook work well for your business, and it can take up a lot of time, but these are just here to get you started.


Did you know, I have a foundation degree in social media, and I love managing clients social media for them.


Thanks for reading, Katie