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Yay is right!
Looks gorgeous Katie!!!
Thank you so much!

Morgan wider- Styledbystats.com

Katie is fantastic at truly understanding her customer’s  needs and reacting without having to have her hand held. She’s responded to my customer’s questions where at times I was so involved and close to my brand that I wasn’t sure how to quite reply – so I would go to the post to draft up a response and see that she already took care of it. My heart sang happiness :)) She’s got awesome attention to detail and great at coming up with different angles to approach and strategist to help extend my brand awareness.

Tiffany Castillo- Wholeheartedly.mom

What I truly *LOVE* about Katie is that since I’m working a full-time job during the day, and it was so hard for me to respond right away she kept plugging away by responding to comments and doing what she felt was best and in turn it kept the ball rolling. She was able to learn my style and my overall goals so that I didn’t have to spoon feed her. This is perhaps by far the most valuable asset for me personally and why I am always so reluctant to work with someone. As a solopreneur who doesn’t have time to focus solely on my brand, the thought of working with someone which in the end with a lot of people could cost me more time than I have to bring someone up to speed, I knew right away that I wouldn’t have a problem with Katie.

Tiffany Castillo- Wholeheartedly.mom

Another thing that was really important for me personally with selecting a VA was not only their experience but that they were relatable to me in the sense of owning a business (e-comm preferred) which she has in the past. Katie gets the struggles, the wins and failures and has done tactics and has been able to teach me things that one could only know by trial and error. Secondly, relatable in the sense that she’s a mom. She understands not only the balance that I have in my world but also can speak my brand’s tone of voice with ease as though it’s coming from me.

Tiffany Castillo- Wholeheartedly.mom

I can’t tell you what a BLESSING it has been to have found Katie. It took me time to write not because I couldn’t find the words but because there’s simply TOO many words.

Tiffany Castillo- Wholeheartedly.mom

You are THEE best Katie

Morgan Wider- Styled By Stats

I LOVE you for this email, Katie. It’s exactly what I need to read/hear today.

Thank you so much for this email and everything we accomplish together in the future.

Morgan Wider- Styled By Stats

I am so glad I get you back!

Keynote Speaker- JH

Awesome you’re amazing!!!

Tiffany Castillo

Thank you for all your help x

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