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It’s been such a help having you on board and given me so much more head space (and far less guilt) knowing things are getting done!

Jodie Vigor-Boutique blooms

Thanks again Katie. I’ll carry on spreading the word about how fantastic your services are.

Jodie Vigor- Boutique Blooms

Katie you’re a legend, thanks so much.


Thanks a MILLION!!! You’re the best!

Tiffany Castillo

It’s all been really beneficial so far ….and very exciting xx

eCommerce Owner

Thanks so much Katie…feeling very productive!

Jodie V

She’s (Katie) been a star these last 2 weeks, taken over my social media completely! If you ever need the help you know where to go!

Iona C

Tiffany Castillo

I’m so excited to be working with Katie. Her positivity and eagerness to help is infectious. She is helping me with my social media, as I just don’t have the time I need to be as consistent as I’d like. I know I can leave it in Katie’s capable hands and it’s all done for me

Kelly (eCommerce Business Owner)

I’ve found Katie to be efficient and organised with some great ideas. She is always helpful and seems to enjoy her work. She is now part of my team, and I rely on her to do set tasks each month and the occsional ad-hoc task. Thank you