About Me


Katie Colella Virtual Assistant & Social Media Assistant

Hello, my name is Katie, I’m a Virtual Assistant from Newport here to help your business!

Here’s a little bit about me (I’ll try not to bore you!).

I started this business in 2016 after realising that I had invaluable skills that could help other entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I started my business journey at the tender age of 18, buying a sandwich bar business. Since then, I have been self-employed off and on, with more time spent working for myself rather than others, owning a guesthouse and selling online.

In 2012, I started an e-commerce business selling various items online, which later became more niche and ‘ihearthomes’ was born, selling gifts & homeware. I really enjoyed the social media side of this, and realising this was the direction business was heading, signed myself up to go to university for the first time.  In 2014 I graduated with Merit in my Foundation Degree in Social Media at Cardiff University.

Although on paper I have the qualifications, I feel my time spent working with aspects of social media for my own business have by far given me more skills, to be able to offer out to other business owners, entrepreneurs & busy people. My last business, as I said was in eCommerce, which I started from scratch and grew over the 4 years I had it. During this time, I was a complete control freak and wasn’t great at delegating. I think this is a trait shared by many small business owners, and as much as I was happy to go off and spend countless hours training myself and learning a new skill, sometimes a skill that I’d never use again, it was completely inefficient. Over the past couple of years or so, I’ve realised how important it is to outsource and how efficient it can be too. Rather than spending 10 hours of my time starting from scratch to learn how to do something, and actually carrying out the task, I can outsource and utilise other’s skills for less than half that time, leaving me to concentrate on the things I can do best! That’s why I’m passionate about what I do, as I really do understand what running a business is like.

I’m friendly, approachable and organised. I’m confident and self-motivated and will happily discuss in more detail the specific needs of you & your business.

I need help- let’s chat!



With special thanks to Rachel Rouhana at Haute Chocolate for some of my imagery